What is SEO Tips And What Is My Website Ranking

What is SEO & What is my website ranking? So here are some white hat search engine optimization techniques for bloggers.

What Is My Website Ranking

What is SEO And Basic Tricks

Understand the Basics of SEO

So it is a cyber legend that search Engine friendly websites may give you 70 to 80% of the web traffic. They say that this is true for one very important reason:

People who use search engines click the button due to the fact that they want to avail of the service and buy products. They made an effort in finding that ideal internet site, to make that extraordinary purchase.

Thus whether you believe in this cyber legend or not, the truth is people who have worshiped the gods of search engines. Because sites give out information on how to rank on their search results have achieved an enormous amount of traffic. Hence, search engine optimization was born.

Basically, search engine optimization is defined as a process to make your own money site pleasing to search engines.

You continue with the basic knowledge of what is SEO that people know about rankings and hope that you just top the search results. And get that high traffic you have been waiting for.

At no time you have a high page rank already. And so what are a few of the most treasured tips of SEO experts?

Here are some that might help you in figuring out how SEO works.

What Is My Website Ranking – Search Terms

Making sure for you to have appropriate key phrases and meta tags for a webpage is like putting up the best banners and logo for one’s own store.

For all those, you have posted something different or inappropriate customers won’t come barging in. You don’t want pictures of flowers in an individual’s meat shop, don’t you?

What Is My Website Ranking – White Hat Approach

Search engines have special regulations that govern the Search Engine Kingdom. So you must be aware of these regulations.

Techniques like putting too many keywords and phrases in one sentence or placing unrelated keywords just to get traffic are some no-no’s in the SEO game.

What Is My Website Ranking – Domain Names

This plays a vital part. It is the key address of the internet sites thus it must contain keywords and phrases and useful information about one’s own site.

Search engines use this address to put you in the search results. Domain names are like the unseen facade of your internet site.

In conclusion, you might as well remind yourself that search engines want to achieve what they are made for, helping the client find the perfect websites and information.

So what better way to help them than to provide great info and seamless products and services?

You must be a great website to please the gods of search engines, and what better means to do this than to just commit to excellence. Soon organic and authentic traffic will just come pouring in.

Search engine optimization tricks

  • Don’t put your blog at the root page of your domain. What else you want to do besides a blog? Also, people will typically link to your main page and to your main blog page so it’s a good way to gain extra links.
  • Name your directory “blog”, not “WordPress”. I hope you will do this if you are a WordPress user.
  • If possible use category names that are good keywords. So that your site will get an extra benefit.
  • Use SEO Title plug-in which you can swap the name of your blog with the name of your post to make your keywords more prevalent.
  • If you want any hope of getting your blog into Google News, make sure there are multiple authors.
  • Keep your site URL as simple as you can. If each one of your blog entries is its own program. You likely have a problem in terms of including question marks or hash marks in your URL.
  • Google will truncate the URL at the hash marks and that question marks typically signify a dynamic URL. Dynamic URLs are treated the same as static URLs.
  • Optimization in terms of keywords & keyword research. Then thinking about the keywords, naturally using in keyword synonyms to make yourself more well-rounded (Use this knowledge only for good, never for evil), and using ALT tags on all forms of media content.
  • This optimization includes not only images but video, audio, and other forms as well. This is only going to get more important.

Not sure to do a podcast or vidcast then head over to the site hotornot.com and submit your photo. If you’re a 7 or above, do a video and If 6 or below, stick to podcasts. Heh, nice.


Blogging results are determined mainly by PageRank. The only way to get them out of the index is to get them more Backlinks.

Now to get your site on top of search engines. This will answer the question of what is my website ranking.

So what is SEO & How To create an optimization-friendly blog:

  1. Make sure your site is crawlable.
  2. Make post creation dates easy to find.
  3. Check your blog on a cell phone/iPhone, as more and more users are going to be looking at your site this way.
  4. Use full-text RSS feeds to get loyal users. Partial feeds get more page views, but not as much love.
  5. Your blog should do standard pings.
  6. The best thing you can do for your site and ensure that Google knows about you is to get noticed. Create compelling content and everybody (users and Google will find out about your blog naturally. Research about Search engine ranking factors and Google Ranking
  7. If possible create fun tools (LOLcat builder), controversy (Dvorak!), mention Robert Scoble (hiss!) or go the linkbait route and sell your mustache on eBay (Oh, Dax…).

Apart from the optimization tips, the good thing about WordPress and most other blogging software is that they really search engine optimization friendly.

However, I have played around with a lot of blog software over the years, WP included, and it does a good job of handling most of the technical things for you.

So all you have to do is provide compelling keyword-rich content in a way that people want to read and link to. That’s not so hard, right?

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