Do you want to know what is blog? Here is a simple explanation about blogs. It’s not a rocket science. There are many established bloggers who start the career like every newbie. Patience and hard work paid them and if you follow the same might benefit you as well.

What is Blog

This very term can be explained in many ways. Without making it more complicated start with some simple words. It’s like a diary which we frequently update. This seems to be pretty ordinary but this is what it is. Its a best platform to express and share your thoughts.

What exactly blog is all about?

Let us think a step ahead and think of writing something of your own interest or what you are expert in or your specialty subject. What do you do exactly? Suppose you are expert or master in a subject. You have a deep knowledge or expertise and you decide to it share with the world.

To start with you can find some great mediums to share or display stuff but blogs is an ideal place and authoritative platform to showcase your knowledge & skill. You write something to share it with the world. Hope you might have understood the basic’s behind a blog. This is as simple as explained here.

Benefits of writing a blog.

1) Write what you like so you won’t get bored
2) You are the boss to think when & how to work
3) Most important is you can make money too (might be a long, slow and steady process)

So now if you find it easy and decides to create blogs, then there are many free platforms available on the internet where you can easily register yourself and create your own authority blogs. Remember its all done on the internet so you might find it easy ones you get used to techniques. All you need is a computer, an internet, and creativity.

Create Free Blog

Some free platform allows to create a blog are, First and the most used name is the blogger then comes WordPress, Tumblr and there are many you can find them surfing the net. But you may start to test with blogger.

Creating a free blog using blogger is not easy. But if you are fairly keen to learn some techniques you may find it easy.

Millions of people in the world are using this platform to express and write for passion and to earn money. There are many tools available to help you out though you are not technically sound.

If you have shown little interest and follow the basic instruction you can be a successful blogger.

Why Blog?

A blog is a platform where you get an opportunity to reach hundreds of peoples. It could be a fun too, updating your activities to your close ones and followers. Or you may share thoughts about your hobbies & interests.

If you want to share information on any topic i.e. sports, cooking, cleaning, beauty tips, or anything just choose a subject, write explain it to the world in unique style. That’s it.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂

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