This is comparatively most search query on the internet “What is Bitcoin?” and a hot topic on the earth.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency also known as decentralized digital currency.

what is bitcoin

This is a form of cryptocurrency, and the invention was done in the year 2009.

What is Digital currency? Digital currency is lines of computer code which is mine by high-performance computers. This process is known as mining.

This Bitcoin is mined by high-performance systems. Every person can mine Bitcoin if he has a good high-performance computer.

Uniquely there is no bank involved in between means all transactions are done directly. This follows peer to peer system. All your transactions are save in blockchain.

It is said that there is a limit of 21 million Bitcoin will exist and until now 11 million Bitcoin has already been mined. What is going to happen next and what is the future of these currencies nobody has a firm answer till now?

However, bitcoin is most popular than other cryptocurrencies. The most interesting fact of these currencies is, and it is said that these were invented just to bypass banks and to hide transactions from legal authorities done for illegal purposes.

Equally important, about the fact that Cryptocurrencies are mostly used by the dark world for illegal activities like human trafficking, drugs, money laundering and many other illegal activities from the beginning. These cryptocurrencies help illegal activists to hide their identity.

Most relevant, as far as the growth rate of this currency concerns, the format, algorithm, and involvement of dark world play an important role. How? You can surf the internet for an answer.

Shall I Invest in Bitcoin?

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is controversial like other cryptocurrencies. Many peoples suggest investing in Bitcoin and other currencies. If you ask for the proofs and documents you will not get that. Sometimes most of them just want to sell and advertise because they have worn the hat and want you to purchase their hat…

(This can be debatable because many people say that they are earning huge with these currencies. Some people start running behind these currencies just because rates are skyrocketing. This makes everybody greedy. But to tell you the truth nobody shows the proof. How and where the money will get the exchange? What about the taxes if earning huge money?

Although this is possible that the people who invested their money at the beginning stage might have earned or earning tons of money. But if you are deciding to invest now then there is a big question. Because today the people who are selling bitcoins are getting cream. And now if you are going to trade in cryptocurrency then a big question mark – Double or Zero.)

Government agencies and banks are not supporting any of these virtual currencies. There are different laws in different countries. Even in some countries, you can go to jail if found dealing in Bitcoin.

Still, if you have made up your mind to have Bitcoin in your wallet? There are some sites which allow earning Bitcoin are as follows,, For more, you can read this.


Although this may be true that these currencies are secured, there is always a possibility of hacking these currencies by hackers. To say nothing of but you cannot even make a complaint to any official authority. Though it is your hard-earn money.

What about other cryptocurrencies?

Similarly, there are millions of cryptocurrencies cultivating every day in the market. This is turning out to be the biggest market. A replica of share market works with same techniques.

Most interesting part is nobody knows about founders and future of any of these currencies. And this may be true that the informative articles written on these currencies are only by the people who want to make the profit with these. Mostly they are crypto traders who want to increase investors in the market.


On the positive side, if there is any chance to buy these coins for better profit? The answer will wait until these currencies get authorize by Government agencies. There is no need to be panic with rate fluctuation.

Earn Free Bitcoins

Still, if somebody wants to invest. It is entirely upon individual whether he or she is ready to take the risk with their money. This could be a better gamble too. Who knows??

There are many other ways to get these currencies free too if you are ready to put some efforts. Instead of buying, you can mine these currencies and that could be a better option not to lose your own money. The only requirement is you should have supercomputer systems.

This is possible if you know about mining and What is Bitcoin? Surf on the net for more information about mining process you will find many sites to guide.

What is Bitcoin – If you have Bitcoin then search for some profitable deal and make your life rich will be a sensible decision.

Note – All the blog owners and writers worldwide try their level best to portray the subject. A friendly suggestion is to scratch your brain a bit and be creative can lead growing better in future in the huge world of internet.

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