How To Get Huge Traffic on Website And Keep Them

This is one of the critical but most important parts if you want real success in blogging. How to get huge traffic on the website and keep them engaging in your blog.

Traffic on website

Traffic on Website – Keep Them Coming

Content, of course, is the driving force of any blog, you either have it or you don’t. No matter what your niche or non-niche is, it is your content that grabs a reader.

But do you have side factors that are scaring readers away?

Traffic on Website – Do Not Display Skim Stats

If you want to be successful and “make money online” as most say, or just be successful at having many readers, you have to continue to gain new readership.

So flat out you have to impress the heck out of a first-time reader. Great stats are something that comes with time on a blog with great content.

Eventually, great content will bring you loyal readers and all of a sudden your Rank shoots up, your Google Page Rank shoots up, and your RSS Subscriber totals increment like crazy.

But until that happens, do not display stats that will scare away new readers! All of these widgets and plugins are very attractive and easy to use, but unless you have stats worth bragging about, hold off and wait until you do.

Traffic on Website – Your Alternatives

You have to remove those stat items, but those links they come with are very important. I’m sure there is a magnitude of different stat plugins and widgets out there, but here are a few examples with the common ones I see.

Instead of the Feedburner widget showing less than 50 readers, have an eye-catching RSS image that links to your feed. Instead of one of the plugins displaying your really high rank, just have a favorite my link.

If your Alexa rating is really high, do not even display it at all. My suggestion thresholds for displaying this info would be as follows: Feedburner [50 or more]; Alexa [100k or less]. Anything outside of these thresholds may give an inexperienced feeling to the blog and scare potential readers away.

Also, read SEO tricks to keep a visitor busy on your blog. Use the long-tail keyword for faster success.


A new reader came to your site by way of some kind of referral. Whether it just be a link, backlink, or reference on another blog or perhaps a google search result.

So the door has been opened, and your referred page has been delivered to them. If they like it, and I mean really like it, they still may never come back and be a repeat reader.

The post they just read was amazing, but they looked at your widgets/plugins in your sidebar as well and noticed that the reporting numbers are very unfavorable.

So in my mind, that would say that even though this page or post was excellent, the normal content must not be any good since the stats are not very impressive.

I basically just read a diamond in the rough and there is no need to continue reading anything else. This is where you will see a 1-page visit entry and exit in your reporting logs.

This kind of view of things is used all the time! Ever notice that half-filled tip jar at restaurants? Did you know that most places will not start with an empty tip jar? Somebody walking by a tip jar that is already half full is most likely to sheepishly tip out some themselves, where if it was an empty tip jar, they may not of at all (*after all, nobody else did*).

Always try to look at your blog from an outsider’s perspective and see if there is anything that would make you not interested in it.

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