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In general, why everybody wants his or her site on top of Google search and other important search engines?

The simple reason is if a website ranking top of Google search will get more visitors.

This increase the chances to promote your content and product aggressively and earn more money from your website. If you are not aware of how to earn money with your website or blog then read the sidebar content.

Now, suppose you have created the best blog and nobody is visiting then you just wasting your time.

top of google search

This is where you should consider some points and make sure the blog to be on top on Google Search.


The real secret to rank number 1 in google and other search engines.

Make a Brand: 

While choosing a name for your domain whether its a blog or website choose wisely. If it is short, unique and easy to pronounce then search engines like them. Choose a proper domain name for blog or website.

Choose Subject: 

Going with the trend can be a smart move. Use google trends to know the latest trends. Add trending information to make it live and viral.

Start Smart:

If you create a blog and write 10 articles on a subject then make sure all are ranking well in the search engines. Read your articles often and make the old content better and attractive for readers. If you try to create new pages every day then you will be busy writing new contents and won’t be able to rank your old pages. So act smart and make sure all your older pages are ranking well in SERPS.

Choose Proper Keyword: 

Not to mention, but this is the key if you want to convert your blog or website into a brand. A keyword is everything. Learn it properly. You must know how to choose a keyword. It’s up to you whether to choose a long tail keyword or short keyword.

Quality & Quantity: 

If you want to cater quality content then try to make it more descriptive and clear the subject with more details. This will increase the count of words of your article and make it lengthy. Google likes bigger contents and gives more latitude to more explanatory articles. The only thing you have to make sure is, it’s readable and not boring.

Use Social Media: 

Social media has a Giant power to market anything. You can use it to make anything viral in no time. So use social media as much as possible. If you are an internet marketer you should know how to use social power to convert your visitors into customers. Social media plays an important role to advertise anything all over the world.

Use Timeroid Technique: 

What is Timeroid? For example, if you are using a keyword Best Laptops. Then instead you can add year like Best Laptops 2018. This helps to rank the post comparatively fast. Although, there is no shortcut you will have to work hard.

Page Load Time: 

Page load time is an important and major ranking factor. You can use Pingdom and Google page insights to check the speed of your website. Optimize it well.

Link Building:

Last and most important part as far as ranking factor is concerns. Above points except social media covers on-site optimization. Link building is a process called off-site optimization.

Important to know that you can rank a blog or website on top of the google search using above methods but it won’t stay on top for long if you are not building links to your site. The most vital part of ranking and staying on top of search engines is link building. Google loves back-links.

Hope you enjoyed this article and may this will help to rank your blog or website high on SERPS. Do visit again for more updates.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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