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Generally speaking, social media does not help much when it comes to ranking a website high on search engines. Then what it does? It helps to promote your content and reach worldwide. So implementing social media promotion ideas can help to grow better.

social media promotion ideas

There are many social media platforms on the internet. Some are used excessively worldwide like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram, and many more. These platforms provide an option to reach your content every corner of the world. The only thing you have to make sure is to use it smartly then you can achieve desired results.

How to use Social Media?


For example, you have written a very good post or made a beautiful video and you want it to be seen & read by people around the world. What do you do? You can’t reach every corner of this world so you can start off by telling about your content to your near and dear. And that’s not enough.

Now to reach more people you can take help from Facebook. Create a post and provide an exact link you want to promote and make it viral through friends and relevant groups. Request friends to share and spread the word. If they found it worth and useful. Obviously, they are going to forward and share. This process will also help you to analyze the quality of your own work.

Use Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to check visitors. This will help to find the exact visitors, location and much more of your post. You can analyze how you are working. If you are doing well get inspired to put some more efforts.

Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and…

Same, you can use other platforms to make you object more viral. Use Twitter for twits, Use Pinterest and Instagram for photos.

Remember google gives more latitude to their own programs and you can rank fast on google. If you use their other platforms like Google+,, Google Map and if you are running a business then you should use Google My Business too.

If you are able to make use of these platforms smartly then you can get a huge number of visitors. To emphasize, if you are doing affiliate you know how this can help to earn money.

Keep pushing, request to share, like, retweet and subscribe until you don’t get the desired result.

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If you can do some more hard work then read below.

Create Authority for Post, Product, Video, Blog or Website for Long-Term

To enumerate, if you are thinking of long-term then you should concentrate on building the brand and authority of your content or product.

Reference is a word that can create a big difference. For example, if somebody is liking, sharing and subscribing your content that means he is referring. This helps others to trust your object. The more likes, shares, and subscriptions you get it creates more value. Ones you increase the count of visitors by working hard no can stop from earning a huge money in the market.

How can you achieve this? You will get the good amount of visitors if you use the social media properly. But to keep them engaged you will have to keep feeding something every now and then. People should realize that this is on-going. Shake your head and apply brain. Try to be creative and intelligent. Use social media promotion ideas and force visitors to come back.

Use forums

Sites like Quora, Yahoo answer, Wikihow and many more can build a strong authority among search engines and visitors if you own a blog or a website.

How? These are reputed and well-known sites on the internet. You should visit and register on these sites to answer related questions. You can use this opportunity by replying answer and placing the link back to your website or blog in the answer somewhere, this is called a backlink. Remember this will help to create the brand of your object.

This process helps to increase the authority of your blog or website. The more good backlinks you will build more it helps in ranking. If your site started to rank high on search engines you know what miracle can happen…

Use some more sites like Google.doc, Slideshare to create more backlinks and build trust. What you can do is write informative information in few words and paste the link in that article back to your site, product or video and publish it.

Create slideshow with relevant points on SlideShare. Fill direct link to your site in a proper manner to inform about you. Use these huge platforms to build authority and let the world know your existence.

To summarize, you can use social media promotion ideas to grow online and to be successful for long-term. Remember it takes a hell of a time and you might get bored but if you are serious and passionate then get ready to give your best to receive best.

Thanks and Good Luck…

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