Learn How To Become A ProBlogger With These Simple Steps

What if I could blog for a living? For this, you should know how to become a ProBlogger.

When you start a blog and see a bit of income roll in, it’s natural to think about making blogging a full-time occupation.

I know I have, and each year it gets closer to being a reality. The question is, how does the ordinary blogger who is just starting out take the right steps to earn big money from blogging – or at least enough to put food on the table?


I’ve been studying with the aim of putting the lessons I learn into practice. Here’s what I think I need to do:

1. Start Small

Every pro-blogger starts with a single blog. You can too. You need to start with one blog and see if you really like blogging, and if you’d be happy to do it every day forever (or for as long as you keep enjoying it).

2. Experiment As ProBlogger

I don’t know about you, but I have tried several blogs. I’ve run some of my own sites, and I’ve blogged on community sites. Some of those blogs have lasted, while others never really got started.

This process helped me to find my blogging voice, and to identify the topics that I most liked blogging about. It also enabled me to connect with other bloggers.

Part of the experimentation process is finding a niche that you can write about forever or almost forever. Like any other business, you need to offer something unique like a ProBlogger.

Perhaps you have expertise in an area or a particular way of expressing yourself. These will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Write Something Useful

One of the reasons that ProBlogger makes money is because they have hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blogs and many of them are repeat visitors.

This only happens if you provide content that they find useful. They become a resource for people interested in a particular niche.

Take writing as an example. Writing useful content will also help you to raise your profile, and you can help that process by writing useful content for other blogs as well. Your aim is to become known as an expert and to be the first stop when people want to find out about your topic.

Build A Community Like ProBlogger

Once you’ve provided something useful, you need to make your site into a community. Like a real community, an online community is a place where you have friends and neighbors, where you hang out and shoot the breeze.

Some community members are vocal, while others are content to listen from the sidelines. All of them share an interest – in this case, on the topic of your blog.

You can build a blog community by communicating regularly with your readers like a ProBlogger. That means replying to comments, and writing some content based on what they want. Polls, contests, writing projects, and memes all help to build a community feels. This process is one of the answers for how to become a pro blogger.

You can also encourage readers to become a more integral part of the community by letting them post on your blog. Interview your readers, review their blogs – there are all kinds of things you can try.

Monetize Wisely Like Problogger

Once you’ve done all this, it’s time to start making some money from your blog. Most people start with Adsense, but it can take a while to build up income.

It’s also worth thinking about useful affiliate products (which sell better if you’ve actually tried them), and private ad sales. All of these can help your blogs to become money machines.

So that’s my take on it. I don’t know if I’m right, but it seems to me that these steps will be a good start on the road to becoming a full-time blogger.


So first decide your niche to start blogging and learn how to create SEO optimized blog. The first step towards your goal and then fly as much you can.

Have you got any tips to add?

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