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This is an obvious rule if a website aiming to reach high on search engines then it has to be perfectly optimized. There are some processes to optimize a website. One among those is known as On Page SEO.

on page seo

Sometimes a situation occurs when, you have designed a very good website with best contents and number of visitors to your website but still, the website does not rank high.

If this is happening and making you glum then make sure you have perfectly optimized the on-page SEO of the website. If you have done your on-page optimization then check out off-page SEO to make sure the website rank high on search engines.

In this chapter, we will cover how to optimize a website with On page SEO. However, if you are using WordPress to create a website YOAST is the best plugin for on-page optimization.

On Page SEO Optimisation Techniques

Use Keyword in URL

To start off with, use the exact keyword as our domain or make full use of the keyword in the URL. For Example, if the keyword is “how to swim”.

Check if you could find a domain “www.howtoswim.com”

If it’s not available then try to use the keyword in the URL like “www.websitename.com/how-to-swim”

Use Keyword in Title

How to use the title for on-page optimization? Putting your keyword at the beginning of the title help search engines to determine the niche of website.

Use your keyword with additional or trending words for better SEO. For example, the title is “how to swim” Then add the words like “how to swim best OR how to swim in 2018 OR how to swim in cold water – hot water” Important to realize, put the keyword in the beginning of the title.

Do not forget to assign the H1 tag to the page title. And to make full use of H2 to H6 on the whole page smartly.

Write Long and Best Article

Nowadays, Google leverages long articles. To enumerate, write a long and descriptive article on the niche. Use at least 1000 or more words to describe the subject. Remember, the more words a webpage has the more chances to be liked by search engines. Make sure not to bore readers.

Put your keyword in the first paragraph of the article that too in first two or three sentences to make your subject clear. In addition, use related keywords (LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing) with variations within the article.

If you are writing an article putting your heart and soul then don’t worry about LSI keywords because those will be added automatically if you know the subject well.

Pictures, Videos, and Graphs

Adding attractive images can push visitors to stay long on the webpage. Showing graphs and evaluations can create interest to read complete article. Videos can be a better source to summarize niche and to reduce bounce rate of the web page.

Obviously, don’t forget to assign keyword as alternative text to one image on the webpage. Assign alternate text to one image as “how to swim”. This is called image optimization and an additional factor of on-page SEO.

Responsive Designs 

From last few years, Google is tightening their policies. Responsive designs have been a part of Google ranking factor. Yes, Google dislikes the websites that don’t use responsive layouts.

Most relevant, now every person uses mobile phones. So following the trend and keeping the website responsive can be a smart move. Make sure your website has a good responsive design.

Create Internal and Outbound Links

Internal links play an important role to keep visitors engaged. When you write an article, include a matching referral word to add a link to another internal page of your own website. Create interlinking on every page of the website choosing interesting and matching words. This helps to take your site on top of search engine. (This link is an example of the internal link – This is redirected internally to another page of this website)

Outbound links indicate the niche of the website and create authority for search engines. This is one of the important factors for On page optimization(This link is an example of the outbound link).


Optimize Site Speed

Furthermore, a point often overlooked is to optimize the page speed. Google has mentioned this an important among other factors of on-page SEO. Avoiding this can cause a drop in ranking. So better to optimize the site speed with available resources on the internet.

To summarize these are some of the essential factors of on-page SEO to rank high on search engines. There are some others factors too like Off Page SEO which are responsible to rank a website.


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