Off page SEO for 2018


What is off page SEO? The way we perform on-page activities on the website same we have to perform some activities outside too is called off page SEO.

off page SEO

What is the importance of Off Page SEO?

The term comes into existence to serve better search results by search engines. Only on-site optimization was not enough to serve better results. So off-page optimization of a website becomes necessary to rank a website on search engines. If a website has done sound off-page SEO then it helps to increase the authority of a domain and to rank on SERPS.

What includes Off-page SEO?


Backlinks mean reference. It’s an incoming link from another website pointing to your webpage. More domains linking to your website more authoritative your website become for search engines.

Some links are counted as quality backlinks if they are coming from different and high page rank domain. Also, this helps to increase DA (Domain Authority) and PA(Page Authority).

It’s important to build high quality and contextual backlinks on relevant niche related websites. Using anchor text and linking with natural words helps to rank fast.

Most important part of a backlink is, it helps search engines to determine the niche with the help of the redirected website. And apparently, it helps to build the trust and authority of the website.

Social Marketing

We can not avoid social media while discussing off page SEO. Today everybody uses social media so it’s one of the important platforms to promote a website. When you make a post about your website and promote on social media, it informs searchers and search engine about the website and niche and builds trust. This is called as social bookmarking.

Social media backlinks have no latitude as far as ranking factor concerns. But still, it plays an important role to make website viral and popular. Social marketing has been a vital factor in promotion. It builds the reputation of a website by getting likes, share, twits and much more. Also helps to get some valuable backlinks too.


While discussing trust and authority, using SSL certificate indicates the trust of a website. It shows that the website is secure and this does make a big difference. History and Registration of a domain show the authenticity.

Personal Information

Whenever somebody adds an information on different sites or portals use the same format.

for example, if you are filling the name…


Address: 1119 Schuyler Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Then keep it same wherever you are filling it for registration on the internet. Creating unique identity helps search engine to find results faster and this more builds trust.


Keep testing your website whether it’s not blacklisted by search engines. Sometimes hackers inject viruses so there is a possibility of a site being blacklisted by search engines. Always test your website with the best software.

Especially choose a better hosting service provider. Up-time should be 100% otherwise it can hurt the ranking.

To summarize if a website is a spot on with on-page and off-page SEO then it will surely going to rank on number one on any search engine.


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