Make Money With Sponsored Posts And Blogger Adsense Earnings

Have you heard make money with sponsored posts or how much a blogger Adsense earning is? You can not even imagine.

Would you like to make money with sponsored posts or even more money with your business blog? Although you must be knowing about AdSense already and there is nothing much to talk about AdSense.

Just understand the term and go for it with Blogging. But if you become a successful blogger then there are many doors open to earn bulk money. Have a look at it below…

Make Money With Sponsored Posts

You could use the extra money to invest in more supplies for your business, treat yourself to dinner or purchase some additional advertising.

I’m sure you’ve already read about each of the programs available to help you make more money with your blog. So instead of rehashing the old, I am going to put my own twist on an overdone topic.

I will be revealing tips to help you use those programs effectively so you can make more money with your business blog.


1. Wide ads ranging from 336 x 280, 300 x 250 and 250 x 250 seem to be the most effective. Also, build those ads to blend in with your blog’s design, and set them to show both text and image ads.

2. Embed your Adsense ads within your blog posts. The best areas to place them are at the footer of your post or to the right of your post.

3. Place a search box at the top of your business blog. Set your Adsense Search up to allow your readers to search both Google and your blog. Every time a reader clicks on a sponsored ad from the search results, you’ll earn more revenue from Adsense.

Affiliate Programs

1. Create links in your sidebar with a heading related to your blog. Then, underneath each of the headings, link to products, ebooks, services, and websites from your affiliate programs that are relevant to your business blog as well as the heading you plan to place them under. For example, in one of my blog about my life as a writer, I have the following headings:

Resources for Writers and Recommended Reading for Writers.

2. Log in to your affiliate program(s) and choose text links to go with some of the text within your blog post. For instance, the Amazon Affiliates program lets you add a Quick Linker Widget, which allows you to create shorter affiliate links that you can use to link to search results, certain products or etc..

Alternatively, if you mention an ebook or other product in your blog and the affiliate program you’re a member of has a text link available for it, then you could hyperlink the title of that ebook or product.

3. Contact the author of the ebook or product with a review request. Explain to him or her that you’re an affiliate and believe your review of their product could help you sell more. They may refuse to send you the product for review, but it’s worth a shot and benefits you both.

Pay Per Post

1. Don’t fill your business blog with tons of pay per post ads. A few every once in a while is fine, but too many will drive your readers away.

2. When writing a pay per post ad, try to keep the message relevant to your blog. In other words, be creative. Here’s an example.

Private Advertising

  1. Create a page listing your rates and advertising services, and include instructions on how a company or individual can purchase advertising on your blog.
  2. Keep your rates fair, and include the average number of monthly visitors and page views that your blog receives. This information lets potential advertisers know the size of the audience they’ll reach. See our advertising page as an example.
  3. Offer occasional discounts.
  4. 125 x 125 buttons work the best for bloggers who sell private ads on their business blogs. The reason is that you can place these banners together in the sidebar, and they don’t take up much room.

Make Money With Sponsored Posts – Donations

If you ask your readers for donations to support your business blog, then in an effort to build a good reputation for your business, you could let those generous enough to support your business blog know that you’ll donate a certain percentage of what they donate to you to XYZ charity. Mention the percentage you plan to donate as well as the name of the charity and place a link to the charity’s website so those interested can find out more about the charity.

Make Money With Sponsored Post

Yes, you heard it right. Successful bloggers write their experience with certain products or services. This obviously helps concerns and for doing this bloggers get money. Nowadays this concept is in the most demanding positions.

I hope you must have got about blogger Adsense earning and found my tips helpful. I invite you to share your own tips in the comment area. Join me again as I conclude this blog post with a list of ways you can promote your blog. Stay tuned or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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