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Till now we must have understood about making money online. First, we learn how to create a free blog then we read about what is a keyword. Here we will learn how to write good blog post which is more important as far as on-page SEO is concerned. Because if your page is not technically sound that won’t give better result on search engine result pages.

Making your post SEO friendly helps search engines to determine what your page is all about. Similarly, helps to earn good money.

Hope you read previous three posts before you understand this part better.

When you are about to post an article you should consider some key points to make your article or post more SEO friendly.

What is SEO friendly Post?

Let’s have a look at the picture below for how to write a good blog post?

how to write good blog post

There is an easy example how you should create your blog post. All you have to make sure is…

1) You have chosen keyword “PREPARE BEST FISH CURRY”

2) Start off with post name – Post name should be relevant to your subject (Check pic above)

3) Title at the start of the white box should contain the keyword. Check title “How to Prepare Best Fish Curry

4) In the first paragraph write brief description including the keyword that is “This is the best way to prepare best fish curry.” (Add keyword in the first paragraph)

5) Then add a relevant picture and make sure to name it with exact keyword, in the properties.

6) Write a catchy, informational and descriptive article with at least 1000 words.

7) Add some more pictures explaining subject and video if possible. Make sure whatever you are writing should attract visitors and readers.

8) Imp – After finishing the post don’t forget to assign URL with your keyword. 

For example, if your blog URL is – https://www.aonefishcurry.blogspot.com/. When you write an article and post, it automatically picks up default link something like https://www.aonefishcurry.blogspot.com/sdf-3. 

So instead of opting default link, you can assign your own descriptive URL with your chosen keyword in the option at right choose a custom domain. One good example could be https://www.aonefishcurry.blogspot.com/prapare-best-fish-curry. This will help search engines to determine the niche of the post and to rank on search engine result pages.

Now we have come across our first task of how to write good blog post. What all we did has we created a blog and written our first post today. Now do some more research and try to write at least ten to fifteen articles more on the same subject.

Important – Submit all your blog URL to google webmaster tool.

Practice hard and create ten to twelve best, catchy and attractive posts with above instructions. This will help you to gain confidence and be a professional blogger.

Finally, Have patience! Patience is the key in this field. The point often overlooked, don’t rush and try complete everything on day one. That might harm efforts and your blog will drain in water.

Next part we will learn how to apply for Google Adsense.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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