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So today we will look into the process about how to start a blog and make money online.

How to start a blog and make money

Here we will discuss how can we start making money online. It’s an easy process for anybody to start. Let’s start with the below steps to become a complete blogger…

1. Create a Free Blog

First of all, you will have to create a blog. To create a blog you can use a completely free platform like Blogger or free/paid platforms like WordPress and others.

If you are new then you can start with a free blog. You can check the below link to start a blog for free. Also, it’s important to know the blog rules before you proceed.

Read These Blog Rules
How To Start Your Own Blog For Free

Hoping that you have selected the topic or a subject (Niche) for your blog. Try to select a subject having huge demand. This will benefit you in the future in terms of money.

2. Write Articles

Now after creating a blog write describing articles relevant to the topic and keywords. Find new article writing topics and the best keywords. Remember keywords are game-changer. Learn the art to choose the right keywords for your blog.

Write quality content for readers and search engines as well. If it’s possible then try to write SEO articles. Create a successful blog for better earnings.

Article Writing Topics
Try To Use Longtail Keywords
How To Write SEO Article
Learn Content Writing Techniques
21 Laws To Create A Successful Blog

3. Learn SEO

Onpage SEO

It is important to know that creating a good looking website is not enough. There are some technical aspects you have to keep in mind.

These aspects are known as ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO. Remember you can not ignore this if you want to achieve success.

The good thing is that it is not that complicated as hyped by some SEO masters. You can read these points to keep it simple.

Learn How To SEO?
Essential on-page factors
Use SEO Title To Attract More Visitors
A Good Meta Description can bring in more people
Do Not Copy Content From Other Sites
Use The Robot. Text file
XML Sitemap is immensely helpful for SEO
Work Hard To Optimize Content For SEO

Off-Page SEO

Create internal backlinks that help readers to know about other content too on your blog. Start getting backlinks from relevant websites. If you have quality content on your blog people will automatically link back to your site.

This will help to build the authority and ranking of your blog on search engine result pages like Google and Bing.

How To Create Internal Backlinks
Learn To Create External Backlinks
Know What is Tiered Link Building

4. Use Social Media Promotion

This is the most vital part of any blog or website. It is always better to promote a blog using social media platforms as much as you can.

However, using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram can immensely help to promote a blog rapidly. Sadly this fact is mostly ignored by new bloggers.

Not to mention but create a YouTube channel if you can. And create videos on your blog topics

Promote Blog On Social Media
Go Through This Social Media Marketing Strategy
Send As Much Traffic And keep them

5. Rank Your Blog On Google

After completing this wait for your articles to get rank on Google.

Here having knowledge about Google ranking factors can immensely help you. It is important to know where your site is ranking on SERPs.

Read About Google Ranking Factors
Where is My Website Ranking?

6. Apply For Google Adsense

Now, this is where the exact process starts to earn money online. You should know about what is Adsense. How it works? How to get Adsense approval? Again having knowledge about Adsense policies can be beneficial in the long run.

What is Adsense
Learn How To Get Adsense Approval Fast
Read These Adsense Policies Carefully

7. Learn Affiliate Marketing – How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Moreover, to tell you about affiliate marketing this is one more legit way to earn through your blog. Read more about this marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing
How To Start Affiliate Marketing
Read Affiliate Marketing Tips

8. Become A ProBlogger – How To Start A Blog And Make Money

This might be a conclusion but if you follow the above steps religiously then you can start earning some money within a month or so.

Now you should think of becoming a ProBlogger. This will help you to earn more money online.

Learn To Be a ProBlogger

9. Keep Working Hard – How To Start A Blog And Make Money

If you think you are getting success and money then start work hard. Ones you understand the concept of earn money online then learn how to use it.

Learn the tricks to write business growth articles. Promote your articles and link them back to affiliate pages to earn more money.

9. Conclusion & Challenge – How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Hope this article will help you to learn how to start a blog and make money online. However, some bloggers target and start earning in 3 to 4 months. Not to mention but if you go into deep its vast.

Sometimes new bloggers get excites and go deep in technical aspects of SEO, and they just lost themselves with no earning. Here we have covered the basic steps in the article. You just have to follow these simple steps and start earning money.

So follow these simple steps and accept the 6 months challenge to start a blog and make money. Though you work for 2 to 3 hours a day you can accomplish this task.

And If you do leave a message… Thank you!!!

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