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As an illustration, we will discuss and elaborate how to create a Youtube channel. And what is the right way to create a youtube channel and precautions to be taken?

Generally speaking, YouTube is the most popular and most searched website in the world. As has been noted, YouTube is Google’s entity. Significantly, there are many people (YouTuber) making lots of money using YouTube creators program.

how to create a youtube channel

Learn how to create a YouTube channel?

All you have to do is make a video and upload it to Youtube. Apply to Adsense, start monetization to allow youtube to show their advertisements in your video and with those advertisements earn money. That’s it… Simple!

Now, the biggest question is which topic do I choose to create a video? Identically, you can choose whatever you want. Any subject you can choose to create a video.

For example, whichever profession you are in like (farmer, technician, carpenter, student, sportsmen, singer, magician, etc..) Make a video of your expertise with unique details, story, and explanation. Try to be professional while creating videos to keep viewers engaged for a longer time.

Now, suppose you are not able to choose a subject? don’t worry. You can even upload a video of places you visit, wedding shoots, important conferences, some interesting incidents, prank videos & facts which might attract viewers.

For example, create a video of kids playing with toys, singing a song, dancing or anything. Especially, keep in mind that whatever you are creating should attract viewers.

If you think you can’t do, then watch the creators videos on youtube and get inspirational ideas.

Check how to earn money without creating a video…

Steps To Earn With YouTube

1) First, you should have a Gmail id to create a youtube account. If you don’t have then create a Gmail id first and then create a youtube account.

2) After creating a youtube account, Create a channel with the relevant username. Click this link to know how to setup youtube channel.

3) Most important, learn basics of youtube. Don’t rush and make mistakes in the beginning. Read all the rules and regulations carefully if you are serious about your work. Play with it for a while to get a better understanding of terms, services and other information to be successful.

4) On balance, upload videos using TITLE, DESCRIPTION, TAG and use KEYWORDS. Implementing these factors help search engines to understand the subject of the video. When a searcher put a query this part plays an important role for search engines to show appropriate results. If the information is spot on then you can rank anything fast on search engines and get more visitors. Read this to know how to choose a keyword to earn money.

5) Apply for monetization. Make your video viral as much as you can. Use social media to publicize.

Now, wait for some time.

Patience is the key. If you have given the best then surely you will get the best.

Expert says that by 2020 maximum traffic will be the video on the internet and Youtube is going to rule internet in upcoming years. So better to build your own brand on YouTube and learn how to create a Youtube channel?

That’s it !!


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