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This is the most vital part of SEO. If you play this right be sure that you are going to win half of the battle. Now, what is keyword and how to choose keywords for SEO and earn money with better keywords?

how to choose keywords for SEO

What is Keyword

Words or Phrases that you write into the box of google or other search engine’s refer as a keyword. For example when you put “How to” it shows you some prearrange keyword list. This list is known as KEYWORDS.

To start off, how do we determine the best keyword to write a blog that will give us better earning.

Here is the link for chrome extension which will show you monthly searches and price of keywords. Download and install it on your chrome browser

Let’s suppose you type a keyword GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER in the box of google search engine. It will show you result shown in below picture.

choose keywords for seo

How to check keyword Volume and Cost

In red mark, you can see

  • VOLUME – 110,000 (this indicate that this word is getting this much of monthly search worldwide)
  • CPS – 0.63 $ (This is the cost of a keyword)

Hope you understand how to determine a keyword for the post. If not let’s elaborate some more points.

Suppose, you are piano player and you decide to write a blog on a niche (SUBJECT) “how to play piano”. Type your keyword into google search box. Find some related and relevant keywords. Take a look at the monthly search volume and cost of the keyword. If you find it suitable start writing a detail and informational post on this subject.

Try and play with different keywords. Like if you type how to play the piano. Check some other keywords like the best way to play piano, then piano playing the master way.

This way you can search as many keywords you want. Every keyword has its own cost and some keywords might give you more money. Research as much as you can for better earning.

So here we learn what is keyword and how to choose the keyword. Hope I explained it well.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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