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Before heading on how to apply Google Adsense. Let us go through some quick tips which may help to get our Adsense account approved quickly from Google.

How to apply google adsense

Remember when you will apply for Google Adsense… Google will check and verify whether your blog or website is competent enough and meet their criteria.

Important Points to know before applying for Google Adsense:

1) Create a blog
2) Domain Age should be minimum of 45 Days
3) Do not display any Third Party Ads
4) No Copied Content – Unique Articles Min 12 Posts
5) Try to use a mobile-friendly theme for the blog
6) Add pages like About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Terms Conditions
7) Don’t forget to generate XML Sitemap and submit to google webmaster
8) Make sure you are not adding Copyright Images to your article
9) Get some traffic before applying by promoting the blog on social media as much as you can.

That’s it if you have done this get ready to apply for Google Adsense:


To create Adsense account you need a Gmail account.

1) Then sign in to Google Adsense account.
2) That will open a “Welcome to Adsense” page
3) Type on your website | Blog name and select language – Click on Continue
On next page it will ask for some personal information – Feel this properly with all real information for future references like payments and rest.
5) After completing this process you will receive Google Adsense pin verification in next few days on email and at your physical address.
6) After receiving confirmation code verify it with your Adsense account.


(You can check some videos on YouTube for better guidance to create Adsense Account)

Now you are set to use Google Adsense and to earn money through blogging.

If you follow above steps you might earn a good amount of money. While doing this you might need some more knowledge so feel free to ask questions.

Note – All the blog owners and writers worldwide try their level best to portray the subject. A friendly suggestion is to scratch your brain a bit and be creative can lead growing better in future in the huge world of internet.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂



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