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Most bloggers will eventually face the decision of running multiple blogs instead of focusing on just one like doing blog post writing jobs.

Of course, this is a decision that should be made carefully and there is no right or wrong answer, everyone’s situation is unique.

Blog Post Writing Jobs

Ultimately, this decision may affect the level of quality of your blog(s) and how much time you have to write, maintain, and promote.

Advantages of Running Multiple Blogs:

1. Greater Income Potential

The primary reason behind most decisions to run multiple blogs is the increase in income potential.

While you can always work to increase the amount of money that you make from anyone blog, you can ultimately create even more by successfully launching and maintaining another blog by doing blog post writing jobs.

2. More Stable Income

If all of your blogging income is tied to one particular blog, you are always going to have a certain degree of risk. If something happens to that blog your income could quickly disappear.

Spreading your income out over a few different blogs will reduce the risk of anyone blog not producing. If that happens you’ll still have income from another blog, or possibly several other blogs.

3. Transfer of Readers – Blog post writing jobs

If you run multiple blogs that cover related topics there is a good chance that some of your readers would be interested in reading your other blogs as well. This works especially well if you have at least one established blog with a significant audience.

Launching a new blog on a related topic may produce results much faster because you can send some of those existing readers to the new blog.

4. Increased Exposure – Blog post writing jobs

Part of successful blogging is building your profile and gaining exposure. Running multiple blogs gives you the opportunity for more exposure and the ability to become recognized as a leader in your field.

5. Leverage What You’ve Already Learned

Blogging is a constant learning experience. Writing new content and marketing your blog will be much easier as time goes on because of the things that you learn along the way.

When you start a new blog you’ll be starting with the knowledge and experience that you’ve already gained from your other projects. What you learn can be applied multiple times rather than just once.

6. Potentially Larger Audience

Almost every blog wants to be able to reach a larger audience. Of course, this is possible by growing an existing blog, but running multiple blogs makes it even more possible.

The total audience that you reach through all of your blogs may be larger than anything you could accomplish with just one blog.

7. Increased Networking Opportunities

One of the most important things you can do to improve your blog is to network with other bloggers. Having multiple blogs may help to bring up new networking opportunities.

8. Improve Your Value to Your Network

One of the vital parts of networking is being able to help others. If you have multiple blogs you will have a chance to increase your value to those in your network.

For example, instead of having the ability to link to a friend from one blog, you’ll have the opportunity to do so from two or more blogs, which could create more exposure for your friends.

9. Cover Multiple Topics

Maybe there is a topic that you would love to write about but it just doesn’t fit with your blog. If this is the case, starting another blog could give you the opportunity to cover other topics.

10. Better Offers to Advertisers

Many bloggers that run multiple blogs have some type of package offer to advertisers to advertise on all of their blogs at a discounted rate.

This can be a good deal for advertisers and it can make your life easier by taking less time to fill your ad spots.

Disadvantages of Running Multiple Blogs:

1. Time Commitment – Blog post writing jobs

Of course, the major disadvantage of running multiple blogs is that it will take more time than running one blog. This is the most common reason for bloggers choosing to stick with just one instead of doing multiple blog post writing jobs.

Each blogger needs to evaluate how much time they have available and how much time a new blog would require. One method that some people use to solve this problem is to hire others to write some or all of the blog posts.

This can be a great decision if you are able to maintain and increase profitability with this strategy, or it can be a horrible decision if you spend more than these writers produce for you.

2. Suffering Quality – Blog post writing jobs

It is very much possible that running multiple blogs will cause you to spread yourself too thin, which will ultimately affect the quality of all of your work.

If this is the case, you’re likely to be better off sticking with just one blog and doing what you can to make it as high quality as possible.

3. Blogging Burnout – Blog post writing jobs

The responsibilities of running multiple blogs can also cause you to get burnt out. The best way to avoid this is to carefully consider how much time a new project will require, and by choosing topics that you are passionate about.

You will reach burnout much faster by forcing yourself to write about topics that don’t really interest you.

4. The Need to Find More Advertisers – 

Most blogs produce income by selling ad space. Many times finding advertisers will require some effort on the part of the blogger. In this case, multiple blogs would mean more work to find and maintain advertisers.

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