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It’s difficult to figure out how Google works. Maybe it is like a dog chasing its own tail. Many bloggers and SEO experts throw bunch of information every day but that is not simply true.

There are many ways explained to get rank on 1 page of google and if you follow them you might achieve the top spot in Google. But sometime that might risk your site of damaging site performance or could make difficult to rank in long run.

Google Works

All articles written by many bloggers about SEO updates, techniques and google works are not there own. You won’t trust but it is the truth. Most of the bloggers use interns, assistants or ghostwriters.

There are few professional bloggers who write their own article like a responsible blogger. Consequently, it helps them to increase their blog traffic and reach the top of search engines.

Do you want to learn from some one who can’t rank themselves up on search engine =You can’t.

Don’t take it either way. Everybody works hard. Each and every blogger put his heart and soul to make their blog the best. Many bloggers practice a lot to give their best to an online world. But today, it has been the much difficult process.

Got scared. Don’t. Here we will discuss the facts and myths about search engine optimisation. Discussion on how not to catch by google bots and let the bots take you to the top of search engines.

Let’s go through How Google Works? And Google journey.

In 1998 at the beginning of Google over 19 years ago, Google launched services like other search engine providers but with some smart techniques and the better experience for searching the World Wide Web. Read More Google was spot on about delivering relevant search engine results from the beginning.

Google was able to give users exactly what users exactly looking for. Fortunately they had come up with very good technique of best results and not a bunch of waste and useless pages which other search engines use to show. As a result google become popular rather fist choice of searchers on the internet.

Some smart and intelligent webmasters took this as an opportunity to show their content or business on the top of this search engine. Which eventually provide some of them a good earning source.

Then after some research keywords started to come in picture. Which start helping the result to be on top easily and rank high on the first page of Google. Some webmaster started stuffing keywords on web pages they want to bring on top of google. It is a fact in the beginning of that if you have stuffed a particular keyword you are 100% going to rank on top of google for sure.

Updates By Google

But that becomes a challenge for google because some spammers. Google realize it soon that many spammers start taking disadvantage of their search engine algorithm. Like stuffing keywords hundred times that won’t seen from human eyes.

While results shown on first page of google use to take user on some different page or unreliable source. Which forced google to change their algorithm as fast as they can.

What it could have done is, reduce the popularity of Google Search Engine. Where they were rising as a prominent search engine provider and suddenly the users start experiencing spam and garbage from google.

This made them to go hard to change their algorithm. In the year 2003 Google came out with a new update name Florida. It has the ability to effectively stop spammers in their tracks. This update helps to de-list websites which stuffed with keywords and regain a better balance to stand with force.

Finally, update till many updates released which we will discuss in next articles. This made spammers think and work hard to rank on google.

Now if you are trying to play a game with google. Then it is surely most difficult and complicated.


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