All About Google Update

Keeping up to date with Google Update.

Last many a year’s Google update has become progressively frequent. Many changes in algorithm and policy have been seen every random month.

Frequent changes disappoint many SEO professionals sometimes but don’t worry. Because best practices help to keep up with policy and algorithm. Below are some of the points which may help to keep you in the race.

Google Update

Upcoming Google’s updates

First of all, you don’t get scared just because new updates are going to destroy your efforts. If you are not doing it right then you will have to pay for it for sure. If you analyze all these years about updates of Google search algorithm, you will get the basic idea of what changes are going to occur.

Check out for all previous Google updates and what common aspects it had. This helps to figure out what is going to coming up next. Most relevant, focus of google update is for Low-quality website filtration and Surfing google make a better experience.

Let’s go through some points to figure out the possible improvements google going to bring in to enhance the updates. Some are hidden and some have public acknowledgment.


Now, this is pretty clear that Google is focusing more on security and privacy. Update like HTTPS has been rewarding websites secured with SSL certificates as well in SERPs.

Consequently, it helps Google to identify the owners of websites. Also helps users to surf authentic and trusted the website and to reach on top of search engine results pages.


This one aspect has pointed to Penguin updates by Google to focus on the quality of links. But Panda Updates focusing on quality of content.

All updates like these take place once or twice every year. Google always improving its accuracy to find out low quality, irrelevant and spammy links.

Furthermore, panda updates degrade the lower quality websites, scrape contents and over-aggressive advertisements.


Significantly, businesses are moving online. Every business or website owner is trying to show visibility of his/her presence on the internet and search engines.

This sometimes leads to putting them in bad neighborhood network. This could be anything such as sites advocating user privacy or illegal content and sites using marketing practices of private blog networks (PBN).

Especially to build the trust of a website, social traffic help to get the reward for higher positions on search engine result pages.


The pro-mobile initiative has seen since 2015 it’s going to be continued due to increasing mobile Internet usage. Notably, the mobile index is separate mean. Results shown on mobiles are different then results shown on the desktop.

In particular, Google is constantly optimizing and improving search results for mobile users. Particularly websites that support mobile are more effective and passes through google algorithms.


Continuous efforts and adjustments making google more and more useful as far as search result appearance concern.

Listings of local businesses using structured data markup such as are the best example of search result layout changes.


1. Panda

Panda was launch on February 24, 2011. Focusing Plagiarism, Thin content, Spamming and Keyword Stuffing.

2. Penguin

Penguin took place on April 24, 2012. It was designed to find out spammy and irrelevant links and over-optimized anchor text links.

3. Hummingbird

This update was launch on August 22, 2013, to decrease low-quality content and keyword stuffing.

4. Pigeon

Birthdate July 24, 2014 (US); December 22, 2014 (UK, Canada, Australia) with reason to throw away poor on-page and off-page SEO.

5. Mobile

April 21, 2015, is the day when this appears on Google update to increase mobile usability

6. RankBrain

IT’s a part of hummingbird algorithm launched on October 26, 2015. This update was all about lack of query-specific relevance features, shallow content, and poor UX

7. Possum

Launch date: This helps businesses to reach local searcher. Implementation was on September 1, 2016

8. Fred

Some users take advantage of thin, affiliate-heavy or ad-centered content. Specifically to punish this kind of website owners this update introduces by Google on March 8, 2017.

Finally, Keep everything in mind about google update try to keep things simple and in control. So you won’t get trapped. Read More

To summarize, improve the quality of website and content. On-site and off-site optimization, Quality Backlinks, Security, Social Media Authentication may help you to get good results.


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