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How Google ranks sites – Google ranking factors

Have you ever found what system google exactly follow or have you find out the exact Google ranking factors or google algorithm?

Google Ranking Factors

There are some masters who have been fortunate to figure it out and happily sharing it on the internet. Their articles help to increase knowledge about understanding the factors google using to rank websites.

This observation and study updated after every two years or so but the factors don’t change much. You can take advantage of this if you know where to focus.

High Search Rankings Factors:

  • Domain age
  • Relevant keywords on the page.
  • Keyword in internal links.
  • User signals (click-through-rate, time-on-site, bounce-rate).
  • Domain (Trust and authority).
  • Search volume for a domain name.
  • Content length
  • Content value and Insights
  • Keyword density
  • Duplicate content
  • Page speed
  • Grammer & spelling
  • A total number of links.
  • A total number of referring domains (unique sites linking to your site).
  • W3C validation
  • Google+ social media activity.
  • URL length
  • Sitemap
  • Web page layout
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Facebook social media activity.

These are some of the main ranking factors. If you have done all this perfectly then nobody can stop you being on top of search engines.

But if not then it’s likely your competitors will rank higher ahead of you. Read each and every related post to get google recent updates.

You will get to know exactly how to SEO to reach the top of search engines. All above factors are from the Search Metrics. Read more about SEO

This study is an in-depth view of ranking factors of most search engines.

If you want to analyze your website with more perfection there is a well-known authority in SEO sector MOZ. It has there own services to provide services related to SEO.

MOZ extension is a very good source to check domain and page authority and some more useful information on any website on the internet for free.

Here is will find some great extensions list for your SEO requirements.

Link One

For another best tool type in google “Moz extension for Chrome / Firefox”


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