Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage

In this article, we will learn how to get Google Drive unlimited storage lifetime.

As we know Google provides 15 GB space by default to store the files. Sometimes we use this storage to create a direct download link on our website or blog. But this can be a pretty small space for the webmasters who store larger files to give a download link. Here you need more or unlimited storage to put larger files.

Google Drive Unlimited Storage

And we have a solution for this. You can get google drive unlimited storage lifetime by using this method.

Before we start the process i want you to take some precaution as follows..


  1. Create new Google ID to create Google Drive
  2. Never ever upload your own important data on these drives. I repeat never upload your personal data on these drives. Use this space for professional reasons. Like if you are creating a movie site you can upload the movie files over here.

Use Third-Party Website

To start, use this site to create your own Google Drive Unlimited Space Website Link:

Now fill the form like shown in the picture below…

  • First, assign a name to your drive
  • Then the email id which you are going to use to create the drive
  • Select the same option which is shown in the picture below
  • Then click on captcha to prove that you are human
  • Now click on Get
Google Drive Unlimited Storage Free

Now go to Google Drive and you you will get to see a new option below My Drive as shown in picture below

Google drive unlimited

Here you can select that newly created folder and click on new & upload the files you want. You can upload unlimited files in this folder.

Conclusion – Google Drive Unlimited Storage

To sum up this method will provide you unlimited storage to store your files online. Which you can use if you have a movie site where you are allowing users to download movies direct from your site.

However, providing a direct link to download files is a pleasant experience for visitors. But these methods are not reliable. Because the website we use to create unlimited storage if that closed down. I am not saying this it going to happen but anything is possible. So precaution is better. Still, you can use these tricks to give users a better download experience.

We might lose the data we stored on disk. So it’s better not to store any of your personal files here.

Hope you find value in this article. If you have any question write us in comment box.

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