Google Drive Direct Download URL

Learn how to create Google drive direct download Link to give users a good download experience without redirecting them to other websites.

Google drive direct download link

When we create a blog or website we don’t get unlimited space from the service providers. So we use third party websites to host our files where we can redirect users to download files.

Sometimes this becomes hectic for users. Also, you promote those websites and it’s senseless. To avoid this you can use Google drive direct download URL.

1) Create A New Google Account

First of all, I will warn you not to use your own Google personal Accounts to perform these tasks. Create a new account on Google account.

2) Add File On Google Drive

To do this click on the NEW button in Google drive and then click on File Upload. Now you can upload here any file.

file upload

Get Shareable Link – Google Drive Direct Download Link

Now right click on the file on the file to get link and click on Get shareable link as shown in the picture.

Shareable URL

Allow Permission To File

When you get this link this file can be restricted. Only you are allowed to access this file so allow access to all. To do this click on Anyone with the link as shown in the picture.

allow all

Create Google Drive Direct Download Link

Now copy the link provided in the get link section. and you have to create a link as shown below.

Now all you have to do is to copy the id of your file which is shown in red color italic font and paste it in the second link at the place of fileid

Now your URL will be like this…

or… click image to create Google Drive Direct download link…

Google Direct Download Link Generator

That’s it now you can assign this link on your website to direct download the file for visitors.

However, Google Drive provides a very limited space. But you can learn here how to get unlimited space on Google Drive.

Learn how to get Google unlimited storage free.

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