This is a free SEO software download section. This is an effort to provide free search engine optimization software and extension list for all your SEO needs.

Free SEO Software Download


KEYWORD EVERYWHERE – One of the best keyword tool to search keyword price and monthly volume. To get it click on Mozilla and Chrome. This extension does extremely good to find best keywords.

MOZ – Moz is used to find DA (Domain Authority) & PA (Page Authority) of a domain. It is a very useful extension. Click here to install MOZ

SEO QUAKE – This allows you to review major metrics, Analysis of SERPS, Keyword difficulty, and provide complete SEO audit. Click here to install SEO Quake

GRAMMARLY – It is a best and most Accurate Online Grammar Checker. Helps to detect plagiarism. Easily improve any text and eliminate grammar errors. To install click here GRAMMARLY

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – This provides complete web stats and insights. Helps to track every bit of traffic. Click this link to login GOOGLE ANALYTICS

GOOGLE WEBMASTER –  Webmaster tool gives you Website analysis, alerts, and error reports. Very much helpful to check bugs and indexing issues. Click here to login GOOGLE WEBMASTER

GOOGLE TRENDS – It shows the changes in key volumes Click here GOOGLE TRENDS

XML SITEMAP CREATOR – Allows you to create free XML SITEMAP

BROKEN LINKS FINDER – Highlights a number internal and external links that need fixing. Find BROKEN LINKS

COPYSCAPE – Find the content of website whether already exist. COPYSCAPE

ROBOT TEXT GENERATOR – Robots.txt file tells what to do with a website’s pages. It’s a must for any website. ROBOT TEXT GEN

STRUCTURED DATA TESTING TOOL – Structured data helps to provide context to the information on your page STRUCTURED DATA TESTING TOOL

MICROSOFT FREE SEO TOOLKIT – This is a very good toolkit but the bad news is that it is only for windows MICROSOFT FREE SEO TOOLKIT

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