If you think you are creative and passionate enough to make money then you can use many social networking platforms to earn money. Not to mention but do you know you can make money with the Facebook group? Although there are many programs of Facebook which allows you to make money. But we will talk about how to earn money with Facebook group.

Facebook Group

If you have a facebook group already and if you have a certain amount of members then you can make good money with it. Yes, you can earn 400 to 500$ a month. How?

Most of us are techno-savvy now and often use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and much more on our phone and laptop. What we do is we update posts, share, and likes many things which we find valuable.

Whenever you log-in, It asks you “What in your mind…”. Now, this is where your creativity comes into play. Explore new ideas apply those and earn money. That’s all you have to do.

How to make money with a Facebook group?

Create a Facebook Account:

First, if you do not have a Facebook account then create one. Now create a page with a group (Google it to know how to create a page and group on facebook)

Choose a Topic:

Choose a topic of your expertise. Important to realize you should be able to handle topic by answering if a question asked and the most important subject should be prior to people interest and not your own. Although you can select anything but choosing a topic with your expertise has its own benefits.

Create Catchy Posts:

Get ready to post on topics. Remember don’t keep posting – take proper intervals between 2 posts. Else there are chances of posts getting ignored or missed.

Interact with People:

Now what will happen is you will start getting likes and shares if the posts are relevant and attractive. Discuss with the followers by creating a poll, survey, and using other options offered by Facebook. Be creative and make full use of services provided by Facebook as much as you can.

Make Posts Viral:

Share with as many people as you can, Always try to give what your followers want. Do not force them to see what you like. If people start liking and sharing your post you will automatically grow.

Now ones you reach a milestone of 1 lack likes and followers than you will be able to make money with facebook groups.

How to earn with likes and followers?

Most relevant point is you can use the number of followers to convert into customers. There are many ways to do this. You can use affiliate products, you can approach companies or maybe some brand can approach you to advertise their products and information, you can do many things. Be creative and apply brain.

Suppose you choose Amazon affiliates or Flipkart, or any other affiliate program. Choose the products which suit the niche (subject) of your group. Select the best product, write relevant and informative words and post it to the group. Make people think and buy with catchy info. Then what? The more sale you make the more commission you will get. Simple!!

If not, or approach some brands and tell them about the group and niche. If they find it relevant then fix some amount to advertise their brand. Charge according to market standards and other factors.

Points to be overlooked

In this process take care of some facts which might hurt your progress.

Use Original Information:

Use original information while creating a Facebook account. Verify email id and phone number for future references. If Facebook found any suspicious they can ban you and your account may get deleted. Grab complete knowledge about Facebook Analytics to use effectively.

Don’t Post Often:

Keep yourself active on Facebook. Post ones or twice a day. Don’t create a lengthy and boring post. If you don’t have anything wait until you get something logical. Keep viewers and followers happy. Reply them as much as you can and if you are not able to then have the courtesy to apologize or respond to reason.

If you don’t have anything don’t post. If you did this just to keep them engaged you might lose some valuable follower from your list. And you will be out from the concept of Make money with facebook groups.

Create Trust:

Don’t do any such activity which will go against you. Be loyal to every follower who follows you. A single act of your can force them to click unfollow button. Try to create trust between you and followers. There has to be mutual bond and understanding between you and your followers. Create rules and follow them strictly. Lead by setting an example and then it will be all yours.

(Same applies to Twitter, Pinterest, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms to make money.)

To summarize here is a tip to collect followers and subscribers. Suppose, you have 100 friends contact them all and tell or beg to follow or subscribe your profile. Search for the groups and people belongs to your niche. Message or follow all of them to get invert reply. This will grow the count of likes and followers for your activities. Ultimately this will help you to grow and to earn huge money from the people whom you don’t even know. 🙂

Finally, we try to explain the ways to earn money without investment and this is the easiest way to make money with Facebook Groups without any investment. Hope you like this article. If there is any questions or suggestions kindly write us. Read this to know more about Use social media to earn money.

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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