Email Threat – Got Emails Threatening To Send Video To Contacts

Have you received emails threatening to send video to contacts from unknown email id? Don’t worry about such an email threat…

Watching porn videos or shooting sex videos on a webcam can get you excited. A report has surfaced that millions of users around the world have threatened to leak their sex videos and demand a ransom.

Email Threat

It is shocking to know that all this is happening through the internet and e-mail. A botnet called Phorpiex has been hit, according to a report by Global Cyber Security Firm Checkpoint. It sends 3,000 e-mails to users every hour.

Users are demanding ransom by threatening to leak sex videos via this email. Over the past few months, $ 100,000 has been transferred to Phorpiex’s accounts.

User password information

Phorpiex is considered very dangerous. They also know the password of the users. Users are also told that their password is known at the beginning of the email, which is blackmailed and demanded a ransom. It also creates fear in the minds of the users.

Email Threat – Fear in the minds of users

This new way of making money the wrong way has emerged. There is no need to call anyone and no one needs to go and ask for money. All this is happening through the internet and email.

Cybercriminals threaten to leak sex content by sending e-mails to users and demanding a ransom. Users also deposit money into their account for fear of video leaks.

Email Threat – Active for the last ten years

The botnet is said to have been active for the last ten years. Phorpiex was earning cryptocurrency through various malware. Experts in the field say it is a dangerous spam bot.

They simply retrieve the e-mail address database from the command and control server. Then one of the e-mails is selected and sent to him.

This spambot sends 3,000 emails per hour. More than 20 million users can be trapped in single spam by one spam. In the last few years, data leaks have led hackers to discover user’s passwords.


There is no need to worry about this kind of threat if you got an email like this. All you have to do is stay calm and just ignore. Sometimes you have not done anything as such, but still, you get scared.

Just because they are telling you that your computer or machine is been hacked by their professional a week ago you remember something.

And And And… You recollect what you did in front of your laptop or computer or phone… which put you in tremendous pressure and start thinking of emails threatening to send video to contacts.

Especially the draft of the email seems to be so furious that you think this is written for you only.

(Whoever these spammers are, but these people use brainers to write these unique email content. Then implement these kinds of threats to scare the world. And this is the easiest method for these people to terrorize and earn money) 

Let me make this clear. There is nothing to worry about such an email threat. It is a type of phishing that is proven as the study shows above in the description. Take precautions not to share your personal information with anybody.

Last and final thing to say “Do not pay attention or do not give them any money”

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