What is Doorway Pages


In the year 2015 google release an update to target doorway pages. The term can be defined in simple words that are, the pages created for spamming the index of search engines.

doorway pages

Two methods to create doorway pages are as follows


Important to realize that it is kind of manipulation to send visitors to intent pages.

To put it differently, it is a bridge page or jumps page or gateway page.

As an illustration, if you click on a typical doorway page you will be redirected to another page.


Clocking is one of the methods used to redirect. These are low-quality pages.

The redirection form can be anything such as JAVASCRIPT or SERVER SIDE REDIRECTION & dynamic pages like PHP or PERL.

On the negative side, it misleads search engines to rank a site higher and that too for irrelevant keywords. The first thing to remember is a use of clocking method can put your site for a massive penalty.

To enumerate doorway page and how this can affect SEO read the guidelines by Google itself.

Examples of doorway pages:

1] Optimize the page for search engines and redirect visitors particularly to actual relevant web page or portion.

2] Pages are intended to rank on generic terms and the content is very specific.

3] Duplication of aggregate items such as location, products, etc. (Using aggregate items more often to attract more search traffic.

4] Page creation with the only purpose of affiliate traffic without any content or information.

Keep it Safe – Doorway Pages

To keep website safe from doorway pages update. One should build search engine friendly web pages, then if you are advertising any product – information or have affiliate offers do not add real content. This can be the safest way to not caught by doorway update. Read more about SEO

If you have unique and valuable content for users like rich text, images, maps, and videos then create a directory structure with ample pages


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