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Learn to create free blog using free platforms available on the internet. You can use many websites which allows you to create blogs without charging a single penny. Some of them are Blogger, WordPress, Webs, Storify, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix, Sites.Google and rest.

These all sites offer free as well as paid options to create a blog. Now what exactly free & paid means?

1) Free – [ your site name will appear like “ or                     or” ]

2) Paid – You can use your own domain name. i.e. “”

These are the basic differences in paid and free versions. Rest services differ with service providers. These all platforms offer some best services which you can choose according to your requirements.

Before creating blog consider some important facts. Don’t neglect.

1) You should know exactly why you are creating a blog.
2) Your subject should be clear (NICHE).
3) It’s better to choose a subject of your own expertise, (You might earn some good money with your free blog in future)

So here we will discuss a platform to create a blog called blogger. As it is a google’s entity G gives it more latitude. Furthermore, it is one of the most used platforms in the world like WordPress. Now without wasting time start creating a blog using blogger step by step.

Creating Blog

1) Open
2) Create Gmail account if you don’t have one (or login with existing one with SIGN IN option at upper right corner)

Create free blog

3) Confirm your Profile
4) Enter a display name whatever you want to (If you assign a name with the subject of your expertise that could be an additional benefit in future) like if you are going to write about cake making then prefer to choose a name cakemaker. You can choose according to as per convenience. Though you can choose anything you want.
5) After this, a new page will open with the option CREATE NEW BLOG. Click on it.
6) Assign a good blog address that will be URL of your blog i.e.
Choose a template for your blog below & click on CREATE BLOG
That’s it. Choose POST button and Start writing some good articles and post them with some related pictures and videos.

“Don’t forget to create sitemap and robot.txt file and submit it to Google webmaster”

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂

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