How To Prepare SEO Friendly Content Writing Blog

In order to rank well in the search engines, your business blog should be search engine friendly. This is why it’s important for you to know how to prepare SEO friendly content writing.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content

How To Write SEO Friendly Article

Keyword Research

However, before you choose your keyword phrases, research each keyword phrase and pick the ones that are most popular and have the least amount of competition.

Some tools help you to select the best keyword phrases for your business blog are Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool and/or the other Keyword Research tools like Ubersuggest or Kwfinder.

Keyword Placement

Then to begin, the title must contain a keyword. And the content of your blog post must contain keyword phrases that are relevant to your business blog.

This is an important step in the process of how to write SEO friendly article.

Keyword Density

The next step is to place all the keyword phrases throughout the article of your blog post naturally while content writing.

Once you complete these two steps, check the keyword density with a free keyword density tool such as small SEO tools.

A good keyword density to aim for is anywhere from 3% to 5%, anything over 5% may be considered spam.

If you discover that your content needs more keyword phrases to reach at least 3%, then the above-mentioned keyword tool will allow you to rewrite the content for your blog or website.

Article Length

As you write the content for your blog, you want it to be interesting enough to keep your visitors reading. So try to let your keyword phrases fall into the content naturally.

In addition, include your most important keyword phrase in your title and sprinkle your chosen keyword phrases throughout the content of each blog post.

Add Pictures

Besides writing an article you must consider some other factors to make it attractive is as follows:

Add relevant pictures. Name with keyword & subject is also an important factor. Add as many pictures to make blog subject clear.

And yes if possible attach a video defining the subject. Videos are going bigger now. Try to create a YouTube channel if possible.

If you are using WordPress then think of using some good plugins to enhance your article.

Blogger has very limited resources as far as plugins are concerned.

But still, if you are a beginner & want to start with the free option then you can choose a blogger. Blogger is Google’s entity. And you can rank these blogs on search engines like Google Bing & rest.

Hope this might help you. There are some other points too if you want to crush your article to be the best in that particular niche.

But then if you are starting a blog as a career then these points are enough to start writing your first article.

Note: If you want to write the best SEO friendly article then check out some other blogs to get an idea.

Use your imagination to start writing as it comes. The next step is to learn about search engine optimization.

You should know what is SEO and the basics of optimization

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