How to Write Business Growth Articles

Why write business growth articles? Every business owner wants his or her business to grow.

Now, most of the marketers run their own websites. But the interface and presentation of the website that makes them stand out of the crowd. Remember your blog or site should be presentable, neat and tidy.

Writers can be useful to get some good business growth articles to portray the picture. Let us clear the points.

Business Growth Articles

Now that you’ve decided on a blog host, it’s time to create the content for your business blog. “What type of content should I place on my business blog?” you ask.

The type of content you display will depend on what products and/or services your business has to offer.

For example, if you offer writing services, you may want to feature content related to the niche you write on the most. This will show your readers you know what you’re talking about, and it allows you to show off your experience.

Another example: If you sell software, your blog content could include simplified tutorials for using some of the software you sell. Nevertheless, no matter what products or services you offer, your first blog post should be an introduction.

In your introduction, discuss your experience, introduce your business, and let your readers know what to expect from your business blog.

Also include a link to your website as a way for your readers to contact you, in case they have questions about your products or services.

Content that works well with any business blog includes:

  • Announcements about special offers and freebies.
  • News related to your business.
  • Latest trends.
  • The business advises sharing your knowledge and expertise.
  • If you sell products, buying guides for the products you sell.
  • Monthly or yearly analysis of your sales.

Choose the right Host for Your Business Blog. So now I’m going to cover some of the pages you can create that will be beneficial to your business blog and hopefully increase your sales.

Biography Page

This page is much like your introduction post. Again, you’ll want to give information on your experience and introduce your business like:

How long have you been in business? Do you donate a portion of your sales to a charity, and if so, what charity? What products or services do you offer? How can potential clients/customers benefit from your products or services?

Business Growth Articles – Product or Services Page

If you’re in the business of selling products, feature some of your best selling products here.

During the holiday season, you could feature products that make great stocking stuffers & write business growth articles.

Include pictures and a short description of each product, as well as a link to buy the product. You can update this page as often as you like.

For those of you offering services, mention the types of services you offer, your rates, and include samples of your work.

Sales Page

When you have a sale, include the information about the sale on this page. Keep it user-friendly with relevant product information.

Contact Page

Every business blog should have a contact page. Through this page, you will give your potential customers or clients a way to contact you.

If you’re worried about spam bots, you can always place a contact form on this page instead of your e-mail. If you host your blog on WordPress, use a contact form plugin.

Business Growth Articles – Contest Page

Announce all your contests along with the details on this page. You could run monthly, weekly or yearly contests, and let your readers know when you’ll publish the details for that contest.

Business Growth Articles – Press Page

This page should include links to features, articles, profiles, and interviews about you and/or your business.

You’ll also want to give details regarding your area of expertise, and give members of the press a way to contact you for an interview.

Let them know you’re willing to share your advice and be interviewed. These types of interviews could lead to free advertising in magazines and other publications. “How does that lead to free advertising?” you wonder.

Most likely the writer will quote you in their article, or they may write a profile about your business. That concludes creating content for your business blog.

Do you know of other great content ideas for business blogs? Feel free to comment and share your ideas.

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