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Hello, today’s world is wide open to every individual and it is full of opportunities. Nowadays everybody looking for an extra source of income and this is undebatable. There are many platforms available on the internet like some blogging sites that pay if its done right way.

blogging sites that pay

Are you searching for the same?

OK, many of us have heard about the concept earn money online. But probably most of us don’t know how?

There are many ways – in fact, you will find thousands of ways if you search on the internet “how to earn online”.

Here we are not going to chew 1000 ways. But we would discuss a simple and easy way of how to earn money from blogging. Believe it or not, but ones you learn this you will find it easy.

Let us elaborate important aspect before discussing, blogging sites that pay.

To earn money online don’t leave what you are doing right now like your current job, study or profession. You just have to spend one or two hours a day for this. Prepare yourself just to share your knowledge and earn money.

You can do this anytime, anywhere, whether you are a student or if you on a job or own a business or anything.

Blogging actually helps to expand your own knowledge, can make you famous and most relevant is to let you earn extra money while you sleep. To emphasize, all you have to do is proper allocation of time and whatever you are doing follow religiously.

For example, suppose you are a sport’s person and you want to earn while you learn.

Let’s go straight though process…


1) Choose a topic of your own interest.

You are a good football player. Start writing an informational article about football with prominent paragraphs. Write with details like (You can refer Wikipedia)

* how to play
* Techniques
* How to become the best player
* Club Joining process

(Here we took an example of a sports person. Likewise, you can choose any subject whatever profession you are in whether an engineering student, lawyer, architect, craftsman, artist, teacher whatever, all you have to do is share your best knowledge to the world in simple words. You will surely get back whatever you are giving)

2) Try to write the best and unique article

Don’t forget to write articles in simple and attractive manner. Write at least 1000 or more words. Don’t make it too long with unnecessary words or boring. Because if a reader does not found it worthy then you are just wasting your time. So make sure whatever you are writing should please readers.

3) Create a free blog on blogger

Here you should know how to create a free blog on blogger. After creating a blog, post your article with best keywords (what is keyword – why to choose the keyword – how to choose keyword)

4) Make your blog and articles viral

After publishing your first article try to make it viral as much as you can with your own friends and so on. Ask for reviews if you can to make your blog more trusted and to inspire you. However, the best way to make a blog viral is to use social media. If the subject is good and attractive you may get the worldwide audience.

5) Write some more articles

Coupled with this, if you find everything is all right and working according to your plan then try to write at least 12 to 15 articles. Take as much time as you can but come out with the best output. Read your own articles 100 times and when you are satisfied then only publish. Don’t make the mistake of publishing everything on day one if you already have your own written articles. Post every article at a gap of 4 to 5 days.

6) Have patience

Identically wait for few days to check whether you are getting visitors. Check it with Google webmaster tool or Google Analytics.

7) Apply to Google Adsense

Not to mention but after a month if you found that everything is smooth and people are visiting your blog consistently then get ready to apply for Google Adsense.

To say nothing of, if Google found your blog valuable they will surely approve your blog to show their advertisements. Use Adsense effectively to get more revenue. It will start showing Google ads on your blog.

What happens when a visitor visits your blog and if he clicks on the Google advertisement you receive money for those clicks according to keyword price.

Correspondingly there are many people who earn 100 to 500 dollar a month with blogging sites that pay by just following these simple steps. Because they know how to earn money from blogging.

Although this seems to be pretty easy, it requires hard work, dedication, and efforts.

What is the exact use of blogging?

1) It helps you to grow knowledge of your own interest
2) helps to grow imagination power
5) Makes you a better writer and expert
2) Can make you famous – Try your luck
3) You become calm and compose
6) lots of money too…

So are you ready?

Finally, a suggestion is to take time to decide, think and plan. Think wise and choose exactly what you like and you think you can pursue with. Ones you are on with your plan then give your best and search for blogging sites that pay.

Wish you good Luck…

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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