How To Capture Blog Writing Topics Before You Forget Them

It happens many times, know about How to Capture blog writing topics before you forget them.

That great idea for a post you thought of as you were out driving, running errands?

Blog Writing Topics


Capture Blog Writing Topics

When inspiration pings, you are usually in one of three places:

  • You can’t write (like driving in a car or walking down the street)
  • You’re nowhere near a computer or the web (waiting in line at the grocery store, morning routine in your bathroom).
  • You’re in front of the computer but you’re right in the middle of something else (like, I dunno, work).

Here are three ways to capture those fleeting ideas so we can act on them later and write those killer blog posts:

  1. When you can’t write at all, speak get a digital voice recorder or send voicemail messages to yourself. Digital voice recorders are better because you can speak for long periods of time.
  2. When there is no computer or web access to be found, a fantastic low-tech solution is to use a notebook. Make sure you have a pen, too, like a space pen, that’s small enough to carry everywhere and that always works.
  3. When you’re in front of the computer but in the middle of something else, you can’t take the time or suffer the interruption to log into your blog. Instead, use Google Notebook. Then get the awesome Google Notebook Firefox extension. I use this all the time to quickly capture Ideas as I work on the computer.

Three is a lovely number, but this list could perhaps be four, or six, or twelve. How do you capture your blog writing topics before they slip away?

Then while making them alive do not forget the below factors:

Important Factors

Font. A good font can help you stand out from the crowd, but the choices are rather limited, so be careful. The best font is often the most “invisible,” which is why ostentatious fonts like Comic Sans and Papyrus are so reviled.

Verbs. Verbs are very likely the most important and versatile parts of speech. There’s almost no effect you can accomplish with adjectives and adverbs that you can’t accomplish with verbs.

Many resume coaches instruct their students to invest their writing efforts in the verbs they choose, and they’re right. The proper verb can mean everything, so go through some of your old posts and look at what you’ve used — does your verb choice match the tone you want your blog to achieve?

Privacy. OK, OK, so privacy isn’t such a small thing. But readers like to know these things matter to their content providers, and no intelligent person should assume any website has his or her best interests in mind, no matter how great the site is.

Creating a privacy policy is a great idea even if you feel you don’t need one — it’ll let your readers know you’re an ethical blogger, and that you’re not selling their information to spammers. Of course, if you are selling their information to spammers, you are a very, very bad person.

So there you have it. You learn How To Capture Post Ideas Before You Forget Them & some other factors before putting your captured idea on your blog.

These little things can have profound effects on your relationship with your readers in the long run. What are some of the little things you find yourself fretting about?

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