Best SEO Technique 2017


This is what the most people look for to get their website, blog or content on top of Google and other search engines. But instead of lots of efforts and variation people fail to do so. So here is a simple explanation of best SEO techniques.

best seo techniques


“Before proceeding makes sure you have done perfect onsite optimization of your website or blog. That’s the most important part for now because Google has been very strict with their algorithm.”


Make sure you have chosen the best keyword to rank. Learn how to choose a keyword?

Then add that keyword in website/blog URL,

Heading should contain the keyword at the beginning with additional words.

Mixed the keyword properly within contents. It should look natural, don’t try to stuff keywords.

This is the basic and first step if you are keenly looking to bring your site top of search engines.


Keep your content clean, simple, and readable to users and search engines as well.

Do not copy content from other sources that can affect your ranking.

Keep your content above 500 words or more will be appreciated by search engines.


let’s assume you wrote 5 posts.

Then try to link them to each other post of your own website this will pass internal link juice.

And create a link from your post to some high authority websites like Wikipedia or Quora using a related keyword of your niche. This helps search engines to determine the niche of your own website.


Share blog/website link on the different social website for social signals like FACEBOOK, TWITTER and rest. This obviously helps to increase authority and trust. Create a short and descriptive video on YOUTUBE of product or information and outreach to precise viewers.


Try to grab best backlinks from authority sites like TUMBLR, Quora, WIKIPEDIA, BLOGGER. WEEBLY, WEBS and rest. You can find a ton of high authority sites on the web.


There is a very good option if you still have not heard about this then you can use PBN, What is PBN? It’s a Private Blog Network. This is a best and simple way to get high authority backlinks. Before doing this have proper knowledge or read about what is PBN?


Content is one of the important factors for search engines. If you think that you can create good content then try to contact your related niche website owners. Start guest posting, request them to check your content whether you are competent enough for the guest post. If yes then write a post and link back to your site.


The best way to get backlinks is through from commenting on web 2.0 forums. This is still arguably but some social media commenting on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Stumbleupon and rest can be beneficial.


Keep writing a post on a regular basis if you want to keep a website alive. What happens is when you post at regular intervals search engines crawlers find new posts on your blog and rank them fast. This process helps your blog to be on top of SERPS. Or at least keep updating old blogs.


After creating a blog or website you should submit a sitemap to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and rest. Don’t forget to submit sitemap because this is one of the most important processes if you want to see your website or blog in SERP’s soon. (Though search engines list everything after a certain period. But you can not predict the time so it’s better to manually submit a sitemap to search engines)


By using these simple methods you can easily list your site on the web and automatically it will reach high on search engines.

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