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Affiliate marketing is one of a good source to do so. What is an affiliate marketer?

It’s always great if you are getting some passive income that to working on your own conditions. So let us learn how affiliate marketing works. Equally important, the more you work hard and be creative may result in more and more earning.

affiliate marketer


Here is a brief description of what is an affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is selling a product online being mediator. An affiliate marketer becomes the middlemen between buyer and seller. The only role of an affiliate marketer is to show most required, attractive and hot products to the buyer with some interesting deals.


The first step is to take a firm decision and ask yourself are you ready to put the efforts it needs? If yes then choose a niche on what you are going to work. (Niche means subject).

First – It’s a suggestion to choose a category which involves your interest. To put it another way, if you choose a product you don’t know about and selling it just for a higher commission then maybe it won’t give you the results. If you go with some of your expertise then that would be an additional benefit for you to make a sale.

For example, if you choose farming equipment considering you have good knowledge. Then that would be an additional benefit. Because you can write information and describe the pros and cons of whatever you are trying to sell. Then people will trust you and may go for your recommendations. This is a completely professional way to build mutual trust for a long time between you and reader.

Second – If you are going to sell some ordinary product like the household, beauty product or in such categories a humble suggestion would be to choose a particular category again (NICHE)

Now to get started, you have to register with some affiliate programmes. For example Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Walmart, and rest. Select attractive products from portal you have registered with which you think you can make a good sell.

Market it and earn as much as you can. The first and most important aspect of this business is you need is to be confident in what you are doing. Thanks! 🙂


Hey… how do I sell and make money, answer how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners?

Ohh… ok, I forgot to tell you…


There are many ways to market your product and sell it. Let us discuss two easy and free methods where you don’t have to invest any money in your first affiliate marketing business.

Number one is using Social Media and another with a Free Blog.


Nowadays everybody is active on social media. People tend to use online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Quora, and many more. Have you got an idea? You don’t need a website if you think its a must for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be done without a website.

For example, If you have thousands of friends on Facebook. Write relevant information in the header and post the product link with the photo, tagging some friends. Same you can use with Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest to make it viral.

Some sites like Quora, Howto, yahoo answers and rest gives you an opportunity to paste the link to your product. How? Find relevant questions on internet relates to your product these sites will peep on the first page of search engines. If you know the answer then write it in a good and descriptive manner and don’t forget to paste the affiliate link of your product somewhere in between to make it more viral and to increase sale.

Try to make your post viral as much as you can. Give your best to reach every corner of the world.


Now here you should know a bit about how to create a free blog. Learn about blogging if you don’t know. It won’t take much time to learn. Create a simple blog using blogger. Having your own blog gives you an authority. Your own space and your own property on the internet. Keep it simple, don’t go into many technicalities. Why, because it can be frustrating if you don’t find exactly what you want to add to make your page best, at times and this can divert you from your main purpose. You can learn it afterward too.

Now you have a blog. To get 100% success follow basic rules like choose a right keyword to market your product better. Write good posts about your products. Describe key points in few words. Describe pros and cons. Attach relevant photos of the product. Paste the affiliate link finding an ideal place on the page and POST it.

How to grow traffic of the blog?

Now here you have to make use of social media again to get traffic. Use above method mention described in USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR AFFILIATE MARKETING. You have to heavily rely on social media platforms to market a product and to drive traffic to your blog. Make it viral as much as you can to get more visitors. That will lead to more sale.

In general, the only difference between these two is, a blog gives your own authoritative page. You can design it the way you want. To summarize, your creativeness can attract more people which lead to more sale and more earning…

Thank you… Good Luck!!!

This page is constantly updated with relevant changes and information so revisit page… Thanks 🙂


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