How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money - Blogging Guide

Do you want to learn how to create a blog for free and make money? Are you a beginner? Well, okay, that’s not the problem.

how to create a blog for free and make money

Create a Blog

To start earning with blogging you just have to create a simple blog.

Remember if you do not want to spend the money you can choose free platforms like Blogger or Wordpress.

Keep it simple

Creating a blog and earning money is not a rocket science. Don’t make it complicated.

Watch this video to learn how to start your own blog website for free.

First step is to choose a niche (subject) that you like the most and write 15 to 20 describing articles.

Learn Basic SEO

Google do not want you to perform like a superman. I have ranked tons of articles with only proper titles, description and relevant content. 

Do not pay attention to the SEO Guru's when you start blogging, because SEO contains thousands of factor which will definitely confuse you. Learn to perform these simple SEO Steps to rank you blog articles.


AdSense is Google’s entity. This platform pays you money just to serve ads on your Blog. This is how you start earning money. Simple!!!

Apply and get AdSense approval. Ones your blog get AdSense approval set the ads and start earning money.

Relax and Wait

Remember, this is not a make money fast scheme. You have to wait for visitors to visit your website. When they will click on AdSense Ads, you are going to get money.

If you want to make money fast you can choose niche like News, Health, Memes, Movies, Sports, and etc. You have to be creative and think smart.

Writing a blog on current events can get you more visitors. If your blog subject does not belongs to above categories then use smarter ways to reach as much people as you can.

Understand Google

Google is a search engine where you get information you want. Now Google have a platform where they serve publishers and advertisers both. 

Advertisers pay Google for advertising and Publishers get paid to publish ads provided by Google on their own platforms like Blogs, YouTube Channel, or Apps.

Google will help you reach people in every possible way if you follow their guidelines. This is a platform made for you and you can earn huge money if you use this sensibly.

Google has its own algorithm which you have to follow while creating a blog. This algorithm is pretty simple to understand. There are basic rules which you have to follow that’s why I said don’t make it too complicated.

1)     Follow Algorithm – You have to follow basic SEO rules.

2)     Proper SEO contains Title Tags, Description, and Unique Content. That’s it.

3)     Describe Keyword in Title, Description and in content.

4)     Lean how to SEO here

Third, wait for a month or two to get your blog older. (If possible try to purchase a domain to create authority of your blog. Google do provides more leverage to custom domains)

You see where you are going. Let’s do a reality check and ask some questions. You can’t lie to yourself on these:

Check Your Interest

Do you have plenty of time to blog now? Because if you’re pushing your luck as it is barely getting anything done, what the heck makes you think you got time for the blog?

Are you monetizing your blog with Google AdSense? Because if you are, having a low-traffic site can drag your overall earnings down. 

If you’re going to go for big numbers with AdSense, you have to go really big. Like hundreds of thousands of visitors, and that means you’re encroaching upon unethical territory. Not good.

Is your idea really all that great? Not to be harsh, Sometimes it’s because our enthusiasm isn’t as strong as we thought. But more often, it’s because we didn’t research the idea enough. 

Are there other blogs in the niche? What’s the cost-per-click on keywords in that niche? What’s the search traffic trending in the niche? Are there any real affiliate opportunities in the niche?

Tips for how to start a new blog:

1) Consider starting a team blog, that way your time commitment is not as great as it would be if you were the only blogger.

2) Do your research on keywords, traffic trends, domain availability, etc.

3) Don’t make a decision that flies in the face of what your research uncovers.

4) Start only one new blog at a time, spend some time getting off the ground, and then let it coast. This is what I do and it’s worked pretty well. I put some serious effort into them at first, then ease off later.

5) Know when to call it quits. If it ain’t working, it ain’t working. Call it good and move on to something else. Don’t take it personally. If you’re not failing enough, then you’re not succeeding enough.

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